Caregiver Education

Caring for a loved one with a dementia such as Alzheimer’s disease can be both challenging and rewarding. The challenges, such as personality and behavioral changes, can be especially difficult for the unprepared caregiver.

To help family caregivers better understand the nature of the disease, effective care management techniques and to prepare for what the future may bring, we offer a series of education classes.

Our classes are designed to empower family caregivers with information that may be applied to their personal circumstances while providing a source of emotional support through caregivers shared experiences.

Topics covered are based on caregiver interests and requests for information. Caregivers attend only those classes that are of interest to them.

A sampling of our class topics include:

• Basics of Alzheimer’s Disease Parts 1 & 2
• Failure Free Activities for People with Alzheimer’s Disease
• Practical Approaches to Personal Care
• Managing Difficult Behavior
• Home Safety & Disaster Preparedness
• Current Medications & Treatments for Alzheimer’s Disease
• Legal and Financial Planning

Educational books, pamphlets and tapes on the disease and related caregiving topics may also be borrowed from our Center.

Our classes are held the fourth Wednesday of the month. For more information on our next scheduled class, please contact us.