Memory Screening Service

You may benefit from a memory screen if you:
  • are having trouble remembering new information
  • are having difficulty with doing familiar tasks
  • are having new problems with recalling words
  • are sometimes confused about where you are
  • have been told that you are asking or saying the same thing over and over
  • are misplacing familiar things more often and can't retrace your steps to find them

Our Memory Screen service offers a private, confidential test in which individuals answer a series of questions and complete simple tasks designed to test memory, language skills and thinking ability.

A memory screening is not used to diagnose any particular illness and does not replace consultation with a physician or other qualified healthcare professional. It is helpful in indicating whether a person might benefit from an extensive medical exam.

Early recognition of mild cognitive impairment that may develop into dementia provides the opportunity for healthcare professionals to treat this condition and possibly slow the decline in memory and other functions.

To schedule an appointment for a memory screen, please contact us.